12Fortigate Logging

A Firewall Log Analyzer is now mandatory for monitoring network threats, risk management and corporate regulatory compliance; and a Real-time Firewall Log Analyzer is the cornerstone for successful oversight.

7Fortigate Alerting

Firelytics is an easy to use and cost-effective alerting solution for any network environment featuring real-time alerting and correlation of security data from your network perimeter. Easy to understand alerting system notifies on exceptions only to reduce false positives and identify blended attacks.

3Fortigate Monitoring

Monitors security event data across entire range of ports and protocols on your perimeter. Real-time graphical presentation of security events sorted on any relevant metric provides easy visualization and understanding of security posture, and minimizes the time to react to security events.

10Fortigate Reporting

All reports are expandable to provide a holistic view and understanding of network threat conditions. Time of day and other categorized reports correlate attacks for easier assessment. All logged attack data is hyperlinked for on-the-fly event correlation and analysis of significant security events.

6Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboard provides an easy to read, consolidated view of all security activity. Customizable views can be displayed according to specific attack categories. View security event data from multiple network nodes and view separate specific attack categories for each.

5Managed Service Ready

MSPs must balance detecting network threats, mitigating client risk, and servicing an explosive market growth for Managed Security, but ever increasing expenses for more skilled staff and monitoring tools slows this growth.

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