Fortigate Reporting

Firelytics delivers FortiGate Log Event Log Reports, giving you security insights without reviewing raw logs.

FortiGate Reports On Demand and Easy to Use

Firelytics Log Analyzer is a complete web-based solution for FortiGate reporting and monitoring. The “Firelytics Analyze” reporting feature enables you to quickly create the drill down reporting view that you require. Just like real-time dashboards and widgets, Analyze views are unlimited in how they can be configured.

You select the Fortigate firewall of interest, the Log Type, dimension or metric attributed to that type, and any timeframe in the history of your firewall’s subscription to Firelytics you require for your report. Add some Filters based on any dimension you choose, and Firelytics graphically renders logs precisely to satisfy your needs.

Readily accessible reports provide the benefits of increased situational awareness of your security posture, and simultaneously satisfy any regulator compliance requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, CIPA, GLBA and more.

Report Drill Down and Analysis

When you have zeroed in on the Fortigate report that you require you can zoom in or out, scan forward or backward, or refine your criteria. This is all dynamically available and customizable in your Analyze view and makes log analysis and reporting a snap!

Other commercial reporting solutions treat firewall reports as a separate feature from monitoring or alerting, suggesting that a chart or data table or grid is static object, for example like “Top N” results for a particular metric. Since Firelytics Analyze is a dynamic web-based report generation tool, you can perform forensic analysis simultaneously while inspecting real-time monitor or alert logs.

The Analyze feature is available from any dashboard widget, any maximized widget, any existing alert that has been logged, and also directly accessible with simple dialog settings. Effectively any report can be generated from any real-time instantaneous activity.

Complete UTM Event Coverage

Fortinet’s UTM firewall features are represented in Firelytic’s FortiGate reporting via the Analyze view, and this includes all Log Types such as Web Filter, IDS/IPS, Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Application Control, VPN and more. Each of these represents possible report you can generate, either on-the-fly with near-real time data, or any historic time frame for performing forensic analysis.

All report types may be filtered by dimensions, including source and destination IP Addresses, source or destination ports, domain names, users, message contents, Fortinet Fortiguard content categories, virus or attack signature descriptions, and much more. There are no limits to the types of reports you can analyze, it is completely configurable based on your needs.

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