Fortigate Monitoring


Firelytics is a complete tool for monitoring FortiGate Security Events and Logs, all in a single convenient pane of glass.

Fortigate Situational Awareness

Firelytics FortiGate monitoring and alert system is designed to give easy 7×24 access to your firewall’s logged events. Firelytics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with a simple web-based interface that any user of any skill level can use to obtain useful monitoring insights. Getting the view of your firewall situational awareness you need to stay on top of things. With “at a glance” reporting, on a normal day you will not need to look at anything else.

Real-time Executive Dashboards

The executive dashboards provides an easy to read, consolidated view for monitoring all FortiGate security activity. Customizable views allow you to display information according to specific FortiGate event categories and devices, or only what is applicable and relevant to you. Dashboards are populated with chart widgets packed with information rendered in whatever way suits you best. Everything from a single big number indicator, to simplified pie charts to bar charts for trends.

Active Real-time Filtering

The “at-a-glance” capabilities of Fortigate monitoring dashboards include an extensively granular filter. This limits the data visualization and reporting so that you only see specific events you are waiting for. You can easily drill down for more detail to analyze data across multiple log types and devices without creating custom reports. View only what you want, leave out what you don’t need!

Event Monitoring Drill-down and Detail Data Grids

Visualization is key, but event log data is only useful when presented in full detail. Firelytics widgets are always rendered with additional controls to let you see details when you need them. Maximized views blow up the dashboard widget layout so you can point and click on any FortiGate you are monitoring. Clicks reveal drill-down views in a data grid that is grouped by any metric or by time segment.

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