Fortigate Logging


Firelytics is a full featured Fortigate Log Archiver and Analyzer, capable of logging all FortiGate UTM and Important Traffic Events.

Firelytics Fortigate Log Archive

With Firelytics, you never have to worry about managing your Fortigate’s logs for short-term or long-term archival. The Firelytics system provides a simple interface to register your Fortigate, and subsequently store logs according to your time zone and uniquely identified access control. All of this done without a single additional resource on the client premise, no dedicated IT staff, no additional rack space or electricity, and no additional maintenance costs or expensive software licensing.

UTM and Important Traffic Logging

Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology enables your firewall to simultaneously protect your network assets from a wide spectrum of attack vectors. Logging FortiGate events in your Firelytics account can include Virus, Web Content Filter, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Email and Spam Control, Application Control, VPN monitoring, and other important traffic events.

Real-time Log Management

Log aggregation for multiple Fortigate firewalls is managed concurrently, in real-time. Event data is received and parsed based on Event Log types in real-time, and accessible instantly in your secure account user interface. The same events are also stored for later analysis, whereby you may perform forensic inspection on any historical time frame since registering your firewall.

Reporting in a SIEM solution should be automatic and up-to-the-moment. The only acceptable lags are latency in the network due to shuffling data around and the CPU cycles it takes to render it for you. This allows you to see the Fortigate log traffic as it happens, understand what is happening, and act!

Cloud-based Reporting and Log Analysis

When you store security event data in a local firewall analyzer, you are only as good as local security. However, if that security is compromised, what assurance is there that the firewall analyzer is not compromised as well? By managing FortiGate Logging offsite and doing log analysis in the cloud removes the risk of losing valuable evidence.

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