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Defense Strategies: Intelligent Security Perimeters Part 3

This post concludes our series on the exciting potential for Intelligent Security Perimeters for network protection. Qualitative analysis of traffic that goes beyond simple SIEM reporting raises the situational awareness of IT administrators through a qualitative predictor. We’ll now examine more »

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Qualitative Analytics: Intelligent Security Perimeters Part 2

In our previous post we presented reasons that Intelligent Security Perimeters are evolving in order to address a new proliferation of so called Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The result is effectively an arms race between perimeter defenses like Firewall Log more »

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New Horizons In Intelligent Security Perimeters: Part 1

Traditionally, Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) was exclusively the domain of large scale enterprises with thousands of nodes and large budgets. Recently, with advancements in programming techniques and efficient tools to manage big data, a new generation of firewall more »

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