FortiGate Reporting, Monitoring, Alerting & Log Analyzer

Monitor your Fortinet Fortigate appliance with the all new Firelytics Firewall Log Analyzer. You get a complete real-time analytics solution for your security and compliance needs, including all event log types supported by Fortinet Fortiguard such as: Web Content Filtering, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Antivirus, Anti-Spam, VPN Control, Application Control. All configurable and accessible from your desktop browser.

FortiGate Logging

Regulatory Compliance

Corporate regulatory compliance and risk management requires network security event logging; a firewall log analyzer is compulsory for managing log archives.
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FortiGate Alerting

Real-time Awareness

Get notified with easy to understand and timely FortiGate Alert Emails regarding your network environment perimeter and correlate with security event data.

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FortiGate Monitoring

Integrated Dashboards

Monitor security event data across entire range of ports and protocols on your perimeter. Real-time graphical charts of security events sorted on any relevant metric.
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FortiGate Reporting

On-Demand Reports

Infinitely customizable and granular reports from your FortiGate firewall make regulatory compliance and situational awareness a snap. Drill-down reveals all event logs instantly.

Executive Dashboards

Security At A Glance

Executive dashboard provides an easy to read, consolidated view of all security activity. View security event data from multiple network nodes, separated by specific attack categories.

Complete Cloud Solution

Turn-key Managed Service

MSPs must balance detecting network threats, mitigating client risk, and servicing a growing market. Increase your capacity to address this growth with easy cloud-based tools.